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FIFA World Football Museum
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The FIFA World Football Museum covers all aspects of international football’s rich heritage and showcases the extraordinary history of the FIFA World Cup.

With an interactive, multimedia display of exhibits, the museum explores the emotions that football awakens around the world on a daily basis. The goal of the museum is to create a unique and exciting experience, and to show how FIFA connects and inspires the world through football.

Exhibition space of more than 3,000 square meters is divided between three levels, offering a fascinating journey through time.

On the ground floor is Planet Football, the entrance to the museum which celebrates the alliance of the 211 nations brought together through FIFA, as demonstrated in the stunning Rainbow of national team jerseys.

Descending to level -2, visitors will discover The Foundations and the FIFA World Cup Gallery, the historic heart of the museum. Centre stage is the FIFA World Cup Trophy. For 40 years it had been kept in a bank vault in between World Cups, but the museum is now the new home for the most iconic sports trophy in the world.

Finally, glass elevators will take you to level +1 and the Fields of Play, an area dedicated to football’s influence on people around the world, revealing how the game inspires and entertains in equal measure.

Showcasing more than 1,000 exclusive exhibits, this is a museum fit for the 21st century. Interactive displays and games mingle with 60 huge screens showing nearly 500 videos. It’s a place for fun, nowhere more so than our giant human pinball game. The dedicated museum App offers an audio guide and augmented reality experiences.

Along with its permanent collection, there is a library and research centre with more than 9,000 books, while you will also have the chance to browse the museum shop and enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Furthermore, the museum offers a cultural programme with different events such as podium discussions, readings, film evenings and special exhibitions, as well as regular public tours and literature consultancies on a weekly basis.

Located in the heart of Zurich, the FIFA World Football Museum has become a major landmark in the city, and a destination for football fans from all over the world.

Visit www.fifamuseum.com to find out more.

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